Oakridge Lions Club raised funds for Students in Need

2014-03-29 Shirley Tseng

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Tzu Chi Foundation joined hands with the Oakridge Lions Club and held a vegetarian charity banquet to raise funds for Tzu Chi’s Blue Sky Project which aims to provide free breakfast for underprivileged students.


“Tzu Chi’s Blue Sky Project provides free breakfasts and stationary to underprivileged students. I think it is a great program.” said Jia-He Zhao, president of Oakridge Lions Club.


“We want to seize this chance to promote Tzu Chi’s Blue Sky Project to more people. It is great to have this chance to work with the Lion’s Club.” Said Sophia Zhang, Director of Tzu Chi Vancouver district.


Other than selling Jing Si products and handy crafts to encourage participants to donate their love, volunteers also held an auction and a sweepstakes.


“This project has already helped many students. We hope all of you can pass on this message to your family or friends and together we can provide free breakfasts to even more needy children.” said, Mac Miao, Vice C.E.O. of Tzu Chi Canada.


Thanks to the supports of more than 300 people, in just one night, more than $9,000 dollars was raised for Tzu Chi’s Blue Sky Project, benefiting countless underprivileged students in the process.


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