Volunteers Packed Bags of Love for Winter Relief

2014-03-06 admin

2014PackSupplies 1As snowstorms continued to batter Vancouver, Tzu Chi volunteers braved the cold weather and made several trips transporting aids supplies, in preparation of an upcoming aid distribution for impoverished families.


Streets were covered in glistening snow, with temperatures crunching below freezing. A group of volunteers brave the icy cold weather to transport aid supplies. Some ten volunteers worked together to pack the aid supplies. Each parcel contained bath products, thick wool socks, tissues, and daily necessities, which will address the dire needs of the impoverished this winter.


As these supplies were purchased at a bargain price, volunteers had to transport the supplies themselves. Even the harsh weather could not wane their warm hearts for helping the needy.


Limited for space, a volunteer kindly offered his garage, which was turned into a venue to pack the items. Working non-stop to pack the aid supplies, volunteers hope that recipients will be able to feel the warmth that is contained into these packets of love. 


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用智慧探討人生真義 ,用毅力 安排人生時間。
Use wisdom to contemplate the meaning of life. Use resolve to organize the time you are given.