Buddha Day Ceremony in Senior Centre and Elementary School

2014-05-21 Tzu Chi Canada

20140514StJoseph BuddhaDay10Tzu Chi volunteers hold a Buddha Day ceremony at Mount St. Joseph Hospital Senior Centre.In Vancouver, Canada, to celebrate the birth of the Buddha, Tzu Chi volunteers held Buddha Day Ceremonies at the Admiral Seymour Elementary School and inside the senior center at the Mount Saint Joseph Hospital.


Listening to familiar Chinese songs, these seniors who have long lived in Canada felt transported back to their younger days. On May 21, Tzu Chi volunteers visited Mount Saint Joseph Hospital Senior Centre to hold a Buddha Day ceremony. Accommodating the seniors, volunteers moved the mobile station so each senior can pay their respect to the Buddha. Receiving a small gift for their first Buddha Day celebration, the seniors were all smiling.


The seniors here enjoy each visit by the Tzu Chi volunteers. My mothers roommate said she looks forward to the performances by the Chinese ladies. said one seniors daughter.


Tzu Chis caring footsteps, also reaches Admiral Seymour Elementary School in Vancouver. In the past three years, Tzu Chi volunteers and the school have built up a solid relationship. And this months Buddha Day celebration was an opportunity for the young students to learn about the rituals of this important day in Buddhism.


Because I wanted to discover the Buddhist stuff, like how you pray. said Ali, a grade 8 student. I just prayed for the whole world.


We are very grateful to you and the Tzu Chi Foundation for all youve done for our school. Youve given us so many beautiful experiences, like todays ceremony which was so lovely, calm and giving, and I got a lot out of it. I love it. said Patricia, teacher at Admiral Seymour Elementary.


Besides celebrating the Buddhas Birthday, Tzu Chi volunteers were here for another mission, which is delivering 41 books to encourage the students love of reading.


Tzu Chi Foundation donated 6 computers to our school. We use them everyday for research. said Diane, teacher at Admiral Seymour Elementary. They are so helpful, and without them we would not be able to have a research station in the library. So, thank you so much Tzu Chi.


Although Seymour Elementary is a small school, the care from Tzu Chi volunteers and their own teachers make the learning environment filled with love.


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 20140514StJoseph BuddhaDay9One by one, volunteers help each resident at Mount St. Joseph Hospital to complete the Buddha Bathing ritual.

 20140514StJoseph BuddhaDay16Seniors enjoy the performances and entertainments brought to them by Tzu Chi volunteers very much. 


20140514Seymour15Tzu Chi donated library books to Admiral Seymour Elementary School.


20140514Seymour18Volunteers present a Buddha Bathing ceremony to enrich students' cultural experience.



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