Qingming Memorial Ceremony dedicates merits to ancestors

2014-04-09 Shirley Tseng

2014QingMingFest 3A table were set up with fruits, flowers, "Cao-ah-Gui" and candles, symbolizing offerings and respects to the ancestors.Tzu Chi Canada Chapter held a Qingming Memorial Ceremony to give members at the Chinese community a chance to honor their ancestors. Meanwhile at Surrey Tzu Chi Academy, students learned the meaning behind Tomb Sweeping Day.


At the Tzu Chi Academy in Surrey, to mark the Qingming Festival, school principal, Yu-Yan Liang, offered each teacher a “Cao-ah-Gui”, a celebratory food, eaten during the festival. To help children remember their roots, teachers and volunteers explained to youngsters the meaning behind the Qingming Festival.


“I hope all of you can bravely say I love you to your parents when you go home today.” said Tzu Chi volunteer, Eunice Lu, who can barely hold back her tears when thinking of her deceased father. 


“Distance is not a problem, such thoughtfulness can lessen the gap between us and our ancestors.” Yu-Yan Liang added.


Meanwhile at the Tzu Chi Canada Chapter in Vancouver, Tzu Chi volunteers held a Qingming Memorial Ceremony for those that cannot attend to their family graves personally. Chanting the Lotus Sutra along with Dharma masters at the Jing Si Abode in Taiwan while video conferencing, participants hope to dedicate their merits to their ancestors.


“I couldn’t be there for my mother or my parents in law all the time. I think helping those in greater need is a good way to reciprocate their grace. This is something I am willing to do.” said Zhegn Si, participant of the ceremony.


Since 1992, the Tzu Chi Canada has been holding Qingming Memorial Ceremonies on a yearly basis, to give members of the Chinese community the chance to honor their ancestors and remember their departed loved ones.


“I want to thank Tzu Chi for holding a Qingming Memorial Ceremony every year. This event always reminds us of the importance of fulfilling our filial duties.” Said Ke-Su Huimei, participant of the ceremony.


Instead of burning joss paper and incense, volunteers performed sign language songs to honor their ancestors while reminding everyone to live in harmony with nature.


“My sister told me that it is important to protect all living beings. Through our performance, we hope to encourage everyone to become vegetarian.” said Yan-Rong You, on-stage volunteer.


“Animals are living beings. It is a pity if they are killed to satisfy human appetite. After a thorough consideration, I think I want to go meatless.” said Lun-Li Luang, on-stage volunteer.


Through participating in the event, members of the Chinese community not only have the chance to honor their ancestors, but also pass on this tradition to the next generation.


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2014QingMingFest 4Participants dedicated the merits to their ancestors through chanting the Lotus Sutra.













2014QingMingFest 5Many could not hold their tears when thinking of their deceased loved ones.


 2014QingMingFest 1The sign language performance encouraged people to reciprocate our ancestors' grace by doing good deeds to all living beings.



2014QingMingFest 2On-stage volunteer, Lun-Li Luang (middle), were inspired by the performance and decided to go meatless.







靜思語 Jing Si Aphorisms

People who are preoccupied with past achievements cannot humble themselves.