Parents Impressed by Jing Si Aphorisms Classes in Tzu Chi Academy

2014-04-30 Shirley Tseng

NorthTorontoAcademy 3Students are excited to closely watch the traditional "Lion Dance" performance.

In Canada, Tzu Chi Academy regularly organizes Chinese and Jing Si Aphorisms classes every Saturday for youngsters. On, April 26, at Northern Toronto Tzu Chi Academy, students’ parents are invited to the school to learn about their children’s studies and class performance.


“Parents are invariably interested in children’s studies at school. We are to know what they learned and their learning situation in class. From what you have shown us, we are very impressed. This is something we cannot find in other schools.” said a parent.


Seeing how their children have changed for the better after attending the Tzu Chi Academy, these parents come to realize Tzu Chi’s humanistic values help build their children’s moral character.


Meanwhile, at Surrey Tzu Chi Academy of Greater Vancouver, up to 100 volunteers come every Saturday to help with children’s Chinese and Jing Si Aphorisms classes. As only a handful of volunteers are needed, the school decides to organize another class to let idle volunteers to learn handicrafts. In the class, Tzu Chi volunteers teach participants how to make beaded crafts. The class give all of them a chance to experience first-hand Tzu Chi’s humanitarian spirit in the process.


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NorthToronroAcademy 1Besides the Chinese language, teachers also emphasize good manner and moral values.


NorthTorontoAcademy 2Volunteers are there to assist students on their studies as well as being a positive role model.











靜思語 Jing Si Aphorisms

To shoulder a burden is an inspiring force. To admit a mistake is a noble virtue.