Tzu Chi Educational and Medical Missions Have Taken Root in Canada

2014-04-16 Shirley Tseng

CitizenshipOath TorontoTzu Chi volunteers joined the Oath of Canadian Citizenship Ceremony.

At Tzu Chi’s annual board meeting in Hualien, Taiwan, Canada Tzu Chi volunteers shared how Tzu Chi’s educational and medical missions have taken root in their local communities.


Canada is the world’s second largest country and has the largest immigration rate. In 2009, Tzu Chi volunteers were invited to attend the country’s public oath of citizenship ceremony, where they work to spread Tzu Chi’s ideal to the countries new citizens.


“After these new citizens acquired their Canadian citizenships, we gave them a Jing Si Aphorism volume” said Mike Chuang, Vice C.E.O. of Tzu Chi Foundation Canada.


“We want to extend our blessings to residents in Canada. We hope they will be proud to be Master Cheng Yen’s disciples. ” said Gary Ho, C.E.O. of Tzu Chi Foundation Canada.


In 2007, Canada Tzu Chi volunteers found their way into the Windsor Elementary School. There the volunteers implemented the “Blue Sky Project”, offering students free breakfasts every day.


“We have a variety of students that come. Some kids are the same almost every day, but there are others that join. That’s important to us that it will be a program available to everyone.” said Kinder Jones, Windsor Elementary School Principal.


“These ‘Blue Sky Project’ has not only helped numerous students, but also taught them to pay their love forward.” said Mac Miao, Vice C.E.O of Tzu Chi Foundation Canada. “They recycle P.E.T. bottles to exchange for money, and donated to the ‘Blue Sky Project’. Aren’t they great?”


Other than educational missions, local volunteers also introduced Traditional Chinese Medicine into local communities and organized health care workshops to help residents better understand the principle of Chinese Medicine.


“The aboriginal people’s lack of access to health care has been a major problem in Canada. However, Tzu Chi’s Chinese Medicine clinic can be the solution. We will gradually set up these clinics in aboriginal communities.” said Mac Miao.

Moreover, in 2013, the Surrey and Richmond Tzu Chi liaison offices were set up, offering timely assistances to the needy in Canada, with their work widely supported by local government officials.


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20131201TCMClinic24TCM doctors volunteer to join Tzu Chi's free clinics to provide health consultation.













Breakfast WindsorVolunteers serve breakfast at elementary school with warm smiles.











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