Tzu Chi Foundation, Canada Launched “Text to Donate “Campaign


     Since the “Blue sky Project” was launched in 2014, Tzu Chi Foundation, Canada has continuously urged the public to help the Foundation to support schools or school districts in Greater Vancouver Area to run B& B (Breakfast & Bursary) programs, which aim to provide nutritious breakfasts to students in hunger and give the underprivileged students a chance to participate in summer/winter camps that might change their whole life.

      Currently, Tzu Chi Foundation, Canada is supporting 14 elementary and secondary schools in three school districts to run breakfast clubs by offering funding donation and volunteer services. On average, near 600 students will be benefitted per day by the Breakfast Program. In addition, every year, more than one hundred students receive funding support to attend the Tzu Chi Summer Camps set up under the Bursary Program. In order to expand the B&B Program for benefitting more underprivileged students, Tzu Chi Foundation, Canada has signed the campaign agreement to cooperate with Mobile Giving Foundation, Canada (MGFC which specializes in helping charity organizations in Canada to run “Text to Donate” campaign for charity causes.

      From 2018.01.16, Tzu Chi Foundation, Canada officially starts the campaign to urge the public to make one time donation of $20 to Tzu Chi Canada just by using the Texting Service on your cell phones. No matter which mobile service provider you are using, you can make $20 donation in text anytime and anywhere. The $20 donation will be shown on your next month’s phone bill, and you can get the receipt by logging in MGFC’s website.

The procedure for the texting donation is simple. It will be:

1. Open your “New Message” page

2. Key in “45678” after “To:”, which is assigned to Tzu Chi, Canada. In the content space, key in “TZUCHI” (capital case); then, SEND.

3. Promptly, you will see a message which says “ To confirm your $20 donation to TZU CHI Canada, reply with the word YES”. Please key in “YES” then Send.

4. A message “Thx! $20 donation charged to your phone bill for the benefit of TZU CHI. Receipt? Visit” will confirm that you have accomplished the process of donation.

5. You will see the other message “ Want to give $20 to TZU CHI Canada every month? To accept reply YES. To end txt STOP”. Then, you can key in either “YES” or “STOP”. For “YES”, you will receive a monthly reminder message to advise you that the monthly donation will be billed to your phone bill as well as instruction on how to opt-out of the subscription. For “STOP”, you will see a message which says “You will not receive any more messages from TZU CHI Canada”.





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