Mission of Charity

Mission of Charity

Social Service Provide assistance to families or individuals with economical issue due to illness, disabilities...

Mission of Medicine

Canadas TIMA has set up a weekly free clinic

In Chinas Wuhan, a team of 31 Tzu Chi volunteers and 8 TIMA members recently visited Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital to sha...

Mission of Education

Celebrations marking the end of the school year

In Canadas British Columbia, the Surrey Tzu Chi Academy recently held a celebration to mark the end of the school yea...

Mission of Culture

Documentary Team

  Since the foundation in 1966, TZU CHI Foundation has published  many periodicals, such as the Tzu Chi ...

Environmental Care

Toronto hosted its annual Vegetarian Food Festival

In Canada, the City of Toronto recently hosted its annual Vegetarian Food Festival to promote vegetarianism. Volunteer...

How to help

Join us

Be a Volunteer Join us in creating a better world! We hope the information on this web site has introduced you to Tzu...

Service Stations

Surrey volunteers worked with Food Bank to provide for disadvantaged families

For the past 11 years, Canadas Surrey Tzu Chi volunteers in British Columbia have worked with the Surrey Food Bank to...

隤 Jing Si Aphorisms

To be humble is to shrink our ego until we are small enough to enter another's eyes and reside in their heart and mind.