Vancouver Service Station

Vancouver Service Station Tel: 604-266-7699

8850 Osler Street,Vancouver, BC V6P 4G2

Service Station Category Address Schedule
Tzu Chi Academy in Vancouver Chinese School  6360 Maple Street,Vancouver
Every Sat. 9:30~12:30 
Chinatown Street Cleaning  Street Adoption  165 East 1st Street,Vancouver
Every Summer once a month on Sunday  9:30~12:00 
Tzu Chi Canada Chapter  Office 8850 Osler Street,Vancouver
Mon. to Fri. 9:00~17:00 
Salvation Army Harbour Light Hot Meal Service  Hot Meal Service 119 Cordova Street,Vancouver
Every 2nd Fri. 8:00~12:30 
UBC Hospital Purdy Pavilion Senior Home 2221 Westbrook Mall,Vancouver
every 4th Tue. 13:00~15:00 
Little Mountain Place Senior Home 330 East 36th Ave.,Vancouver
Every Thu. 9:30~13:00 
Cooper Place  Senior Home 306 E. Cordova Street,Vancouver
Every Fri. 10:00~13:00 
St. Vincent's Hospital  Senior Home 4875 Heather Street,Vancouver 

Every 2nd Sat.  


SUCCESS Simon KY Lee Senior Care Senior Home 555 Carrall Street,Vancouver
Villa Cathay Care Home Senior Home 970 Union Street,Vancouver
Every last Thu. 9:00~12:00 
St. Joseph Hospital  Senior Home 3080 Prince Edward Street,Vancouver  1st Wed. on Feb.,May,Aug.,Nov. 13:45~14:45 
Renfrew Baptist Church Food Bank Food Bank 2776 Semlin Drive,Vancouver Every Fri. (Break once per month) 8:15~9:30 
St.Augustine Church Food Bank Food Bank 8680 Hudson Street,Vancouver
Every Thu.(Break once per month) 10:30~13:00 
Raven Song Community Health Center Clinic service

2450 Ontario St. Vancouver BC

Every Thu 16:00~20:00

Every Sat. 14:00-18:00

Helping Spirit Lodge (TCMC@HSL) Clinic service 3973 Dumfries St. Vancouver Every Mon.13:00-16:00

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